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The most cost-effective and high-quality printing method known to man is offset printing. When perfect color matching is required, offset printing can be used (Pantone Matching System). However, the time required to produce the first print and the Origination Cost or Raw Cost may be quite high.

Extensive variety of administrations from the top offset printing press in chennai

However offset printing is utilized for the most part for distributing paper, we offer these printing administrations to our clients for their business necessities. Flyers, brochures, books, magazines, menus, posters, promotional bags, and other printed materials all benefit from these methods. We are also able to print logos on promotional bags if you ask us to. We've been in business for a long time, and we've worked closely with a lot of well-known clients.

What does it do?

The sheetfed offset printing press is one of the most cost-effective printing methods. Color paper and large quantities in a variety of sizes are among their primary characteristics.

The sheet is fed into the press as part of the first step. The perfector cylinder, which further flips the sheet of paper, is one of the key components. This aides in printing the two sides of the paper. The procedure is quick and simple, and it produces images of consistent high quality. Printing short-run flyers, magazines, books, brochures, envelops, letterhead, and other commercial products is made easier with this offset printing method.

In addition, they use mechanical registration to link each sheet together, ensuring consistent positioning and the production of identical images throughout. Because the waste sheets can be used immediately, preparation costs are reduced because paper is not wasted for plates and inks.

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We keep on updating our hardware, abilities, and arrangements time to time to give the most elevated level of administration, regardless of the size, amount, or trouble of your task. Print Shop Chennai is able to provide clients with the highest level of customer satisfaction and value for their money.

When it comes to offset printing, we use the most recent technology to give our customers the best possible results. We use a perfector cylinder, which helps print both sides correctly. Every time you use this method, you can expect an image of high quality.

Additionally, we employ mechanical registration to guarantee high uniformity in the generated images. This method is applied to magazines, letterhead, commercial products, and letterhead.

What Our Clients Say About Our Offset Printing Works:

The UHD printing press (Print Shop Chennai) saved the event. They helped us with a last-minute request, printed the business card, flyers & brochures to the highest possible standard! They merit my highest recommendation!
Sarath - Xerotech Solutions

In completing my order, UHD Printing Press / Print Shop Chennai went above and beyond. The offset printing material was of excellent quality, with appropriate sizes, vibrant colors that were identical to the source material, and a clean appearance. Additionally, it came much earlier than anticipated. Thanks!
Kumar - TCP Power Solutions0

It's amazing that I found Print Shop Chennai / UHD Prints and decided to use their printing services in a world where everything is getting more and more technological and digital. Amit and his team provided me with services that were exceptional, professional, and of the highest quality. Our printing requirements are met with unparalleled industry-standard quality. I look forward to doing business with UHD Prints more successfully!
Karthick - Chennai Campus

Top offset printing company in chennai, tamilnadu. They delivered high quality offset flyers printing and they made on time. Highly recommended.
Dev Raj - NRP Constructions

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